[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Since the domestication of dogs, humans have utilized them not only for their unconditional love, but also to help make life easier on a daily basis.  Dogs were, and still are, used for hunting as well as protection.  As we have evolved we are being faced with more serious threats and find ourselves in dangerous situations. We then realize that dogs can be used for much more than what we originally thought. Dogs are now being utilized  for detection, search and rescue, explosives detection, cellphone detection, patrol, tracking and many other purposes. As times are changing, people are beginning to see that dogs can be beneficial for Commercial and Private use.

Why buy a Pest Detection Dog?

Pest detection dogs are a safer alternative than the use of harmful pesticides.  Instead of spraying for pesticides in non-infected areas, pest control companies are able to better target only the infected areas. These dogs can detect termites and bed bugs in places that humans cannot, such as walls, minute furniture gaps, mattresses, etc.

Bed Bug detection is perfect for companies who need to detect specific hotel rooms that have bed bugs in order to get rid of them.  Since bed bugs are hard to see because of their small size, It takes a longer time for humans to detect whether they are present. Dogs that are trained for bed bug detection are searching for a particular component and will alert when they find just that.

Termite detection dogs can be used for pest control companies as well as home inspection companies.  When a new homeowner buys a home and is looking to see if there any infestations within the home, the presence of termites is capable of changing the status of the sale.

Mold detection dogs are available as well.  There is no need to rip the walls down anymore to find out if their is a mold infestation inside. The nose knows. We can train a dog for you to find the mold very quick which will safe you time, will make you company very unique and will  increase your profit tremendously.

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