K9 for Protection

According to FBI.GOV, in 2010 the United States experienced very high crime rates. A violent crime occurred every 25.3 seconds, an aggravated assault every 40.5 seconds, murder every 35.6 minutes, forcible rape every 6.2 minutes, robbery every 1.3 minutes, and a property crime occurred every 3.5 seconds.
Due to increasing crime rates throughout the country and around the world, we are in constant need of protection dogs. These dogs display characteristics of a true hero. If trained and maintain properly, protection dogs are willing to sacrifice their own life in order to protect their owners.

More reliable than a programmed system.

In the United States, dogs are considered to be a “part of the family” (for the most part). Especially protection dogs, since they are often trusted with the lives of their loved ones. Many people install security systems in their homes; however what happens when technology fails to work, someone hacks the system, or the power goes out? Dogs do not run on batteries and do not have the restrictions that technology has.

Family Protection Dogs, Personal Protection K9 and VIP Dogs are well balanced dogs that have been socialized with people, kids and dogs. This dog is well manner when in public, obedience trained and protection trained. There are three levels of trained protection dogs available. These levels range from barking, growling on command and protecting a specific area to a highly trained protect on command dog.

The levels of the dogs are equivalent to Schutzhund One, Schutzhund Two and Schutzhund Three. French Ring One, French Ring Two and French Ring Three. The dog will be Titled to Pre-titled. Price range $20,000 and $55,000. We will hand deliver the dog to you anywhere in the world, and will train the handler for a 2-3 days on all the commands and how to handle the dog properly. All of our Protection Dogs can be brought back to us for maintnance anytime needed.

K9 for Detection

Since the domestication of dogs, humans have utilized them not only for their unconditional love, but also to help make life easier on a daily basis. Dogs were, and still are, used for hunting as well as protection. As we have evolved we are being faced with more serious threats and find ourselves in dangerous situations.
We then realize that dogs can be used for much more than what we originally thought. Dogs are now being utilized for detection, search and rescue, explosives detection, cellphone detection, patrol, tracking and many other purposes. As times are changing, people are beginning to see that dogs can be beneficial for Commercial and Private use.

Private Detection K9 For Hire – Bombs/Explosives Detection

Jim Wheeler and his K9, Boz, are available for hire. Jim Wheeler, has over 20 plus years in the Law Enforcement field, 18 of which were handling K9’s. His accomplishments through coursework along with Law Enforcement has given him the knowledge he has with how to successfully perform detection with his K9. Jim, one of the best K9 handlers, is an expert at reading his dog. Jim is our Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) Handler, his K9 is trained to recognize explosive materials. Some of Jim’s major accomplishments over the years are: Certification Dog Trainer from Penn Foster in 2010, K-9 Handler of First Tactical Team in 2009, Narcotics Canine Detection School in 2005, First Canine Team Accepted into SWAT Team 1996 , Canine Decoy School 1984.