Who we are:

Israeli Special Tactics K9 is a U.S. based company located in sunny Palm Beach County, Florida. IST K9 specializes in the training and sales of very unique K9’s to fit your needs. Their mission is to provide law enforcement with K9’s that perform the necessary tasks for public safety. They also offer for sale to the public, K9’s that are trained to their maximum abilities. Whether it is a protection dog or a family protection dog, IST K9 will be sure the K9 you choose to purchase will effectively accommodate your needs and keep you and your family safe.

IST K9 Trainers are very experienced, former IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), Special Operations and K-9 Units, and /or Law Enforcement  K9 Trainers.  This has given them the knowledge and ability to bring unique Tactics to the United States and to other Countries.
Shay Maimoni was compelled to start this company to be able to provide Law Enforcement and Military Personnel K9 Handlers with K9’s  they can trust while on the job.
Shay has a vision to save more lives by training/educating the K9 Trainers, Handlers, Homeland Security, Special Operations K9 Operatives, and Security Companies with Training/Education K9’s so they can better assist and perform their job to the highest level.
At IST K9, the belief is that with training and education, success is inevitable. IST K9 offers a wide variety of K9 Courses/Classes and Seminars with Speakers and Trainers from around the world.




ST K9 Trainers participate in continuing education so they are equipped with the most modern skills and training. Their canine courses, classes and seminars are with experienced speakers and trainers from all around the world. They will direct you in the right direction and you always learn something new.

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